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Afronding van de Stage van Emilia

Emilia Krajewska, 3de jaars student van de Minerva, heeft stage gelopen bij het GCG. Zij heeft haar stage afgerond door workshops te geven op zaterdag 3 juni j.l.

Emilia aan het woord:

"I had a great experience as an intern in GCG this semester. I received guidance but I was also allowed a lot of independence to do what I wanted to accomplish my learning goals. I greatly enjoyed the lithography course, a technique I never tried before. I liked helping to reorganize and rejuvenate the place as well as doing some much required heavy lifting to make the workplace more welcoming. In the end, I wanted to test myself in the role of a teacher with my Plant Printing Workshop on the 3rd of June. I showed the technique to two diverse groups and got really positive feedback as well as a multitude of great prints. Now I know I want to go further down that path, and I wouldn't be able to accomplish that without the help of GCG."

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